Top Seven Dangerous Snakes In Arizona

Arizona Black Rattlesnake:can be identified by its dark brown/nearly black coloring that masks other markings when mature. Juvenile snakes are light grey/brown overall, with darker brown/black oval.

Grand Canyon Rattlesnake: is a subspecies of the western rattlesnake that can be identified by its unique pink overall coloring. Markings range from darker pink to light brown/tan, red, light green.

Northern Speckled Rattlesnake: are identified by their unique colorations and the spotted markings for which they are named. Arizona’s speckled rattlesnakes are most commonly reddish-brown overall.

Prairie Rattlesnake: can be identified by its overall brown/tan/red/orange overall coloring, which varies depending on the environment. Other markings include darkly rimmed white blotching over .

Mojave Rattlesnake:The most dangerous snake in Arizona is the mojave rattlesnake.Mojave rattlesnakes found in Arizona can be identified by their overall brown or green color and darker diamond-shaped

Western Diamondback Rattlesnake: are identified by its overall tan/light grey coloring and dark brown/white outlined “diamondback” pattern. Additionally, the western diamondback has distinct black .

Black-Tailed Rattlesnake: can be identified by their vibrant overall yellow/yellow green/yellow-brown coloring. Their most distinct identifying marking is the black tip of their tails.

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