Top Ten Angry Video Game Nerd Episodes

Heading 1

Plumbers Don't Wear Ties; The only AVGN episode where I laugh every single time I watch it. Brilliant facial expressions, atrocious game, amazing episode.

Bugs Bunnys Birthday Blowout: Watching him beat up Bugs Bunny was absolutely priceless, This is the definition of a classic episod It's a blowout all right.

Action 52: LJN did not make Action 52, some people think they did, the nerd would have to specifically clarify if the game were made by LJN.

Bugs Bunny's Crazy Castle: The part is funny when he puts crazy castle games in the super Mario brothers 2 bin. I also like the part when bugs bunny poops on the angry video game nerd.

Dr Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Revisited: by K Lu · 2022 — Jekyll and Mr. Hyde in January of 1886 created a shock wave in the consciousness of its readers.

Superman 64: The N64 is the best gaming console of all time, and my favorite video game for this console is Super Mario 64, my top 1 favorite video game of all time

R.O.B. The Robot: I think this one might have the best special effects, but when he goes to the kitchen and makes a gyro...hilarious.

Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing: I don't like the part where he starts liking it, but I like it when he rants about it. by the way.

Tiger Electronic Games: These games were the dread of every child in the 90s on Christmas morning. One of his best episodes from the new season.

The Power Glove: The montage just shows how bad the control is. There's a part where The Nerd just gives up and starts using the control pad on the glove instead of using the motion control.

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