Top Ten Best Candies

Skittles: Amazing. I love these things. They have different varietys ranging from original to tropical blast. The flavors are amazing.

Twix: Twix is so amazing. I am ticked off that Peanut butter cups is voted better than Twix. peanut butters horrible with chocolate and the crunchy stuff on the inside.

Reese's Peanut Butter Cups: This candy deserves to be on the top because the wonderful mix of peanut butter and chocolate just melts in your mouth.

M&Ms: So much variety in the colors and many different kinds to choose. Once you have one, it's pretty hard to not go back for more. A true classic, M&M's will always be tops.

Kit Kat: When eating a Kit Kat, I feel like I left the Earth, and went to another world of creamy goodness.

Gummy Bears: Gummy Bears are the best candy ever they are meant for all ages, if you are old and you don't have teeth you can smack on them.

Snickers: A few months ago, I had never tried snickers. I love caramel, though, so my mom bought me and my dad one.

Sour Patch Kids: Very nice and yummy in my tummy. they make me feel happy before I take a nap-ee. Id eat these every day if I could, especially if my dentist says I should.

Starburst: Starburst is the brand name of a box-shaped, fruit-flavored soft taffy candy manufactured by The Wrigley Company, a subsidiary of Mars, Incorporated.

Hershey Bar: What on earth, people! Hershey is for one the best chocolate company and two, all of the hershey candies together should definitely get in number one.

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