Top Ten Most Useless Things Rich People 

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Indoor waterfall: I'm not gonna lie these look beautiful but otherwise they don't necessarily provide an essential use and cost lots of money.

Sold gold toilet: Gold isn't even that valuable. It looks nice, but only in certain ways. A gold toilet? Now that's a dumb investment.

Huge car collection: You'd already be paying a lot of money for an individual luxury car let alone a group of luxury cars, and all for an auto show room.

ncy outdoor fireplace: Anyone could have a fire pit in their backyard but some people just take it to far they the whole things is mad out of rocks.

Fireman’s pole or slide between floors: Completely useless, I mean, I guess it's fun to slide down the pole, but I'd rather take the stairs, besides.

Collection of vintage video games: One or two arcade systems is ok when you occasionally play on them for fun pit an whole arcade is taking it too far it's a waste of room.

Miniature golf course: A Miniature golf course is really fun but what's the point of taking up all your yard space to build one of these.

Indoor climbing wall: I'm into rock climbing, and I wouldn't mind having a climbing wall to practice. Otherwise, I can see it being very tacky.

Outdoor rain shower: Think of good it would feel being cooled of by a outdoor rain shower on a hot summer day. It's a wonderful concept, but it's not that useful.

Cabin in yard: A cabin in a yard is really just a gazebo with walls, what use will you have for a cabin there's no point you're probably never going to go in the cabin so theirs no point buying one.

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