Top Ten Prettiest Shades of Blue

Heading 1

Relax: That is the number one thing everyone should do. Give yourself a break and your brain a chance to recharge,This should be 1 what I do

Go online: The first thing I do even in class is go online (despite being back in person). I browse the web before I do my school work.

Have a snack: That's what I do... Cheetos and I end up having a date, except he leaves empty-handed (bad joke, sorry)! Cool list by the way, really creative.

Play video games: Great way to clear your mind after an exhausting day at school. Don't let this become an addiction though.

Do your homework: I do this first so that way I have a lot of free time later in the day. Plus I don't even get much homework anyway, which is surprising because I'm in seventh grade.

Go outside: Used to do this a lot in my elementary school years,After sitting in class all day, going outside for a walk will do your body wonders.

Hang out with friends: It's important to have good friends and to develop your relationship To runway for depressed also you can talk with your friend what happen today and make joke about that.

Listen to music: I enjoy listening to rock music and hip hop (mostly old school,I always listened to music in the school bus after school.

Watch TV: I watched TV sometimes when I got home from school,Of course, feeling picky are we,I always do this after school.

Sleep: Hard to go to bed early sometimes, but when you manage to do it, you feel way better in the morning,Sounds like a good idea, but sleeping in after school is rare.

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