Top Ten Worst Professions to Do Naked

Heading 1

Soldier: Being a Marine is the most badass job in the world. You are all over the world either destroying cities and killing bad guys or giving humanitarian aid.

Firefighter: They literally do everything. Take people from burning buildings, rescue people, provide medical care to those dying, cut open cars, help those who are in car accidents.

Cop: Lol pulling someone over and giving them a ticket would definitely be an awkward experience,The cops would be breaking the law if they did that. Ironic.

Athlete: In the original Olympic Games in Greece, all of the athletes competed naked,There is a magazine called ESPN Body Issue where athletes are photographed naked.

Lion Tamer: The term often applies to the taming and display of lions and other big cats such as tigers, leopards, jaguars, black panthers, cheetahs, and cougars. 

Pro Wrestler: What makes a great professional wrestler? What distinguishes the Hulk Hogans from the Great Khalis? It is clear that wrestling talent is not enough to.

Chef: If it's in a public restaurant or in a building whenever there is a kitchen, then yeah, that's the worst nude profession you can do.

Priest: This could make more sense as long as you're holding your sharpest dagger while your new visitor is laying down tied to a pentagram painted in blood.

Beekeeper: Not a great idea to do beekeeping naked, or bees will sting you everywhere especially in the privates areas.

Lawyer: Just imagine a lawyer walking into a courtroom naked. If a lawyer worked naked, they probably wouldn't have any clients.

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