Top tips for home composting

It reduces the waste stream: The main reason to compost is that it allows us to recycle the organic waste we generate at home.

It reduces the waste stream: Every year billions are spent on processing the waste generated in people’s homes.

It cuts methane emissions: When organic waste goes to the landfill, much of it gets buried under mountains of other trash. 

It cuts methane emissions: The waste that doesn’t get buried, by contrast, undergoes regular aerobic decomposition.

It improves soil health: Compost contains many nutrients that are needed by garden crops, such as nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium.

It improves soil health :Indeed, research shows that compost has a positive effect on both the productivity and the resiliency of soil.

It conserves water: Last but not least, compost plays a part in the effort to conserve water.

It conserves water: By using compost, therefore, farmers can save water and reduce the overall water consumption of the agricultural industry.

Choosing a container: While decomposition will happen whether or not you use a container.

Choosing a container: There are many different types of compost containers, and which one you choose will depend on your space.

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