Trams around the world and their history

Tramways were born in New York - Tramways were born in 1832, when the first horse tram moved around in the streets of New York City. 

Trams in Europe -
American promoters brought the tram to Europe, starting with Paris in 1853. 

The first lines in the UK -
The first tramlines appeared in the UK in 1883. They were the Portrush and Bushmills lines, the Giant's Causeway, and the Volks Railway.

Trams around the world -
Before the end of the 19th century, electric tramways had appeared around the world, including in cities such as Kyoto, Japan, and Bangkok, Thailand.

Double-deck trams -
Just like the original trams in the UK, the former British colony of Hong Kong has been using the rare double-deck trams since 1904.

The largest tram network -
The first tram service in Melbourne was launched in 1885. From its founding till today, the Australian city has the largest tram network in the world.

The decline of trams -
However, by that same time there had been a rapid increase in the cost of labor and materials, and the initial investment started to wear out. 

The Great Depression -
The Great Depression, which started in the US in 1929, soon affected European economies. 

Buses take over -
In the US, bus and oil companies took over tramways and replaced them with buses. This was a way to boost the profits of both groups.

The PPC car -
The result was the PCC car, which prevented the closure of many systems. The PCC arrived in Europe after WWII, and it still operates today.

Difficult times for public transportation - The 1960s were a bad time for public transport in many parts of the world. 

Trams in Europe -
Only in Europe did investment in trams continue, particularly in countries in Eastern Europe, like former Czechoslovakia and Poland. 

The light rail revolution in the UK - The UK wised up, too. Legislation in the 1960s provided the groundwork for progress towards a new era in public transportation. 

Light rail in Gothenburg -
The concept was tested in Gothenburg, Sweden, where street tramways were extended through new and established suburbs on high-speed tracks.

The largest tram network in Europe - With a system length of 123.3 miles (198.5 km), the Cologne Stadtbahn in Germany is the largest tram network in Europe.

Modern trams -
In the 1990s, the development of new technology to provide low-floor trams, meaning step-free entrances, came into reality across Europe.

The largest fleet of trams in Europe - The city with the largest fleet of trams is Prague, in the Czech Republic, with 882 trams.

The longest single tram -
The longest single tram line in the world is Belgian Coast Tram at 42 miles (68 km). It runs along the entire Belgian sea coast.

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