Utah best waterfalls

Battle Creek Trail leads to a stunning waterfall with a 50-foot drop. Despite the short distance, it’s a great climb, climbing nearly 430 feet in just 0.6 miles.

Bell Canyon trail east of Sandy takes you to a series of waterfalls after a four-mile hike. The first one is the most beautiful, with the water tumbling down instead of dropping. 

Emerald Pools and a waterfall can be found in Zion National Park. Despite the steep slopes and rough terrain, this is an intermediate trek.

Upper Calf Creek Falls is hidden amongst the rugged hills of Grand Staircase Escalante in southern Utah. This somewhat hidden and neglected waterfall was largely hidden from all.

Lower Calf Creek Falls stands 126 feet tall and is the first waterfall on the trail in Escalante. This waterfall has a sandier route than the upper one.

Stewart Falls is a breathtaking 200-foot tiered waterfall in Utah that caresses the slopes of Mt. Timpanogos. Located near Sundance Resort, the climb is relatively easy and suitable for children.

Along the Mirror Lake Highway, the Provo River Falls is a famous roadside attraction. It can be accessed either by driving the Mirror Lake Highway or hiking the 23.9 miles.

North Creek feeds Archangel Falls, which runs just a few hundred yards away from the famous Subway. Red Navajo sandstone towers over 500 feet on either side of the falls.

Adams Canyon Waterfall is found in Layton, Utah. Nearly four miles of moderate hiking trails lead to the waterfall. Hundreds of years of water have eroded this limestone face.

Kanarra Falls slot canyon walk in Utah has two waterfalls that are accessible through Kanarra Creek. There is a small waterfall at the start, then a ladder climb.

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