Weirdest mating behaviors in the animal kingdom

Red-sided garter snake
Indigenous to North America, a single female snake can be pursued by more than 100 males at one time.

A male's beautiful colors and dance moves aren't enough for a female. He must also build a two-sided structure, known as a bower, to impress her.

Clown fish are sequential hermaphrodites and all develop initially into males. 

Discus fish
Male discus fish have a larger responsibility than most other males in the animal kingdom.

Spotted hyena
 In order for a male to mate with a female, she must willingly retract her pseudopenis and create an opening for the male to enter.

Tamarin monkey families can differ from one another, but the most common structure consists of one female and two males.

A male giraffe begins the mating process by rubbing a female's backside with his head until she urinates.

This marine animal is a hermaphrodite and when it is time to mate, it fights over which role it will take on.

A female seahorse injects her eggs into the pouch of a male, where they are fertilized. 

One snail propels the tiny structure into the head of the other, releasing a stream of sperm. 

This deep-ocean fish takes clinginess to a whole new level. 

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