What are the rarest eye colors in the world

Clear eyes
Light eyes are most frequent in Northern Europe, Central Europe and Eastern Europe

Green eyes are the product of a relatively low amount of melanin and probably represent the interaction of the OCA2 gene with other genes. 

Dark eyes are the most widespread throughout the world. In many populations, dark eyes are the only observable iris colouring.

 beware of ultraviolet rays
Individuals with blue, green, amber or grey eyes are more susceptible to ultraviolet damage than individuals with dark-coloured eyes.

Amber-colored eyes
One of the rarest eye colours in the world is amber. This eye colour is a mixture of brown and yellow, and is often described as having a golden or honey-like appearance.

Purple eyes
Another rare eye colour is violet. This eye colour is the result of a lack of melanin in the iris, which makes the eyes appear violet.

Blue eyes are the result of a reduced amount of melanin and related to the high density of proteins in the stroma. Blue is the lightest colour that eyes can exhibit. 

Black eyes
Very dark black or brown eyes are endowed with a large amount of melanin that makes them appear close to black, having very dark brown tones.

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