What Happen to your body when you die

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Post-mortem erection: It is possible for men to have an erection.

You can turn into soap: If fat in your body interacts with certain bacteria after your death.

Fat as fuel: It might even save our planet, as a plastic surgeon managed.

No more wrinkles: Loss of muscular tension will make your wrinkles fade.

Leather: Your skin can be turned into leather and preserved.

You might grow crystals:  The water, minerals, and phosphates in your corpse make the perfect cocktail.

Your corpse can explode: Gases produced during decomposition can actually make a corpse explode.

Your heart is alive: Your heart can actually continue to beat after you die.

You heart can start beating again: Yes, you can actually come back to life, just like that! It's.

Soap: Tyler Durden in 'Fight Club' was not the first one to come up.

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