Why our brains believe in lies

Fake news: In recent years, the spreading of misinformation has become a hot topic.

Separating fact from fiction: If the human brain were immune to misinformation, this would not be a problem.

The human reality: The reality is, however, that the human brain is highly susceptible to misinformation.

Burning question: So, why do our brains believe in lies.

The general answer: The current understanding is that our psychological biases make us vulnerable to falsehoods.

Delving into more detail: Part of the explanation involves a phenomenon called the "illusory truth effect.

The illusory truth effect: This means that the more time a statement is repeated, the more likely we are to believe it is true.

Day-to-day reality: In our day-to-day lives, this makes a lot of sense and is not always harmful.

In the context of social media: In the context of social media, however, this can be very dangerous.

Supporting evidence: The impact of the illusory truth effect is well documented.

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