The best and worst alcoholic beverages for your health

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Worst: Craft beer: -Craft beers, as opposed to commercial beers, often have extra ingredients and carbs that help enhance the flavor. 

Worst: Long Island iced tea: -A Long Island iced tea typically contains vodka, gin, rum, tequila, triple sec, sweet and sour mi.

Worst: Margarita: -It’s not usually the case that people will just have one eight-ounce margarita, but that serving alone comes in at a staggering 36 grams of sugar. 

Worst: Piña colada: -A piña colada typically contains a combination of rum, coconut milk, coconut cream.

Worst: Dark 'n' Stormy: -Ginger beer is largely to blame for the sugar impact of this cocktail.

Worst: Mudslide: -A mudslide cocktail usually contains vodka, Irish cream (Bailey’s), coffee liqueur .

Worst: Eggnog: -When the holidays come knocking, this spiked beverage is tempting around the fire. But with its milk, cream, and eggs. 

A word to the wise: - It almost goes without saying that if you drink too many of even the healthiest drinks listed here.

Worst: Frozen daiquiri: -The average daiquiri contains around 40 grams of sugar, the same amount you'd find in four Krispy Kreme glazed donuts.

Worst: Vodka Red Bull: -Red Bull is a stimulant, and alcohol (vodka in this case) acts as a depressant. 

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