ZS full form

ZS:- Zoological Society

A zoological society is a bunch or organization, usually a voluntary association, curious about fields of study associated with the Animalia. These fields usually include zoology, animal physiology, pathology, veterinary medication, life conservation, conservation biology, and connected topics. Zoological societies square measure usually related to the operation and/or management of zoos, public aquariums, veterinary hospitals, analysis establishments, and conservation comes, and with the publication of scientific journals and periodicals. The primary such society was the Zoological Society of London, based in 1826. Zoological society may refer to: India Zoological Society of Asian nation (founded 1938), based mostly in Gaya, India; publishing Proceedings of the Zoological Society of India Zoological Society, Kolkata (founded 1945 because the Zoological Society of Bengal), publishing Proceedings of the Zoological Society Zoological Society, Madras Christian faculty, Chennai Zoological Society of Odisha State.

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