ZUPO full form

ZUPO:- Zimbabwe United People’s Organisation

Zimbabwe United People’s Organisation (ZUPO) was a political party in Zimbabwe, fashioned on twenty-nine Dec 1976, shortly once the Geneva Conference. ZUPO was diode by Chief Jeremiah Chirau, (President) and Chief Kayisa Ndiweni (Vice-President). Each chief had served as cupboard Ministers in the Rhodesian Front government. ZUPO was concerned within the negotiation of the Internal Settlement Agreement, and Chief Chirau served because of the Chairman of the manager Council of the transmutation Government. In Nov 1978 Chief Ndiweni left ZUPO to create his own party, the United National Federal Party (UNFP). ZUPO advocated a peaceful and negotiated transition to democracy, a rise in power to the normal chiefs, removal of favoritism and opposed the nationalization of trade. ZUPO oppose the 1979 election, winning 6.4

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