JavaScript advantages and disadvantages

JavaScript advantages

  • Fast speed: JavaScript is executed on the client side that’s why it is very fast.
  • Easy to learn: JavaScript is easy to learn. Any one which have basic knowledge of programming can easily lean JavaScript.
  • Versatility: It refers to lots of skills. It can be used in a wide range of applications.
  • Browser Compatible: JavaScript supports all modern browsers. It can execute on any browser and produce same result.
  • Server Load: JavaScript reduce the server load as it executes on the client side.
  • Rich interfaces: JavaScript provides the drag and drop functionalities which can provides the rich look to the web pages.
  • Popularity: JavaScript is a very popular web language because it is used every where on the web.
  • Regular Updates: JavaScript updated annually by ECMA.

JavaScript disadvantages

  • Code Visibility: JavaScript code is visible to every one and this is the biggest disadvantage of JavaScript.
  • Stop Render: One error in JavaScript code can stop whole website to render.
  • No Multiple Inheritance: JavaScript only support single inheritance.

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