It is a collection of related web pages contents of which may include images, text, video and audio. Home page is the name given to the first page of a website. There’s a specific internet address (URL) for every website that is required to be entered in the browser for accessing that particular website. A … Read more

Types of Computers

Computers can be categorized on the basis of: size and data handling capabilities. Further, on the basis of data handling capabilities, computers can be divided into three types: Analogue Computer Digital Computer Hybrid Computer Analogue computer: They are designed so that they can process the analogue data. The data that can change continuously and do … Read more


The hardware cannot perform tasks completely on its own. This is why Software has to complement hardware to perform a specific task. All programs running on a computer at a given time are software. It can be of two types: Application software and System software. System software Just as the name suggests, it is the … Read more

Secondary memory

Secondary memory comprises of the storage devices that are in the computer and the ones that are connected to a computer. It has a non-volatile nature hence even if the computer is turned off, it permanently stores the data. The CPU does not have the authorisation to directly access the secondary memory. Therefore, the data … Read more

Register memory

It is the fastest and the smallest memory in the computer. It can be found in the CPU in the form of registers. It temporarily holds memory address, frequently used data and instructions and makes it easier for the CPU to access them.  

Primary memory

It is of two types: Random Access Memory (RAM) and Read Only Memory (ROM). RAM (Volatile Memory) Since it is a volatile memory, it doesn’t store instructions or data permanently. The moment when the computer is switched on, the instructions and data from the hard disk start getting stored in the RAM. The data stored … Read more

Output devices

The result that the processed raw data produces, after being entered into a computer by an input device, is displayed by the output devices. Numerous output devices display output in different ways such as images, text, audio, video or hard copies. Some of the most popular output devices are discussed below: Monitor CRT Monitor LCD … Read more

Number systems

We communicate with each other through a language that comprises of words and characters. We understand characters, words, and numbers. But is this type of data or language accepted by computers? No, they only understand numbers. When the data is entered by us into a computer, it is converted into electronic pulse. Each pulse is … Read more

Memory units

Memory units are used to represent and measure data. The most common memory units are: Bit: It is the starting unit of computer memory. It is the smallest unit that measures data stored in storage devices and main memory. It can only have one binary value, either 0 or 1. Byte: Byte is the fundamental … Read more


  It is a private network and belongs to a particular organization. It is exclusively designed for the use of an organization and its associates like customers, employees, and other people authorized by the organisation. Hence, it is a private internet that operates only within an organisation. Security systems such as firewalls are used to … Read more