It is a collection of related web pages contents of which may include images, text, video and audio. Home page is the name given to the first page of a website. There’s a specific internet address (URL) for every website that is required to be entered in the browser for accessing that particular website.

A website can be hosted on one or more than one servers and can be accessed using a computer network by visiting its homepage. A website is usually managed by its owner who can be an organisation, individual, or a company.

There are two types of websites:

  • Static website
  • Dynamic website

Static website

It is easy to create since it is the basic type of website. Database designing and web programming are not required to create a static website. HTML is used to code the pages of a static website. Since the codes for each page are fixed, there’s no change in the information present in it and thereby it looks like a printed page.

Dynamic website

It has web pages whose content can change dynamically. A dynamic website accesses content from a Content Management System (CMS) or a database. This is the reason why the content of a website also get updated or altered when you update or alter the content of the database.

To generate dynamic content, a dynamic website may choose to use server side scripting or client side scripting or both.

The user input is kept as the base when the content is generated, at the client computer, under client side scripting. The web page is downloaded by the web browser, from the server, and in order to render information to the user the browser processes the code within the page.

On the other hand, in server side scripting, the software first runs on the server itself and completes processing before sending plain pages to the user.


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