Historical Events for 2nd July 2022

[ad_1] 706 – Remains of Chinese Emperor Gaozong, his wife Empress Wu Zetian and loved ones customers interred in Qianling Mausoleum by Emperor Zhongzong, outside Chang’an on Mount Liangshan 1298 – Fight on Hasenbuhl (Gollheim) in between German kings Adolf and Albrecht I 1863 – 2nd day of the Fight of Gettysburg (US Civil War) … Read more

What Happened on July 2 1816

[ad_1] Would You Believe? French frigate “La Méduse” operates aground less than incompetent leadership of Viscount of Chaumareys, 400 travellers evacuated. 150 men, 1 female are still left on “la Device,” a poorly provisioned raft. 13 times afterwards only 15 survivors continue being, conjures up Théodore Géricault’s painting “The Raft of the Medusa” On July … Read more

Hong Kong and the Huguenots

[ad_1] Ben JonesAs the lengthy shadow of China’s Countrywide Safety Law fell more than Hong Kong in June 2020 the ‘one region, two systems’ appeared to be useless in the water. First formulated by Deng Xiaoping in his negotiations with Margaret Thatcher’s government in the guide up to the December 1984 Sino-British Joint Declaration, this … Read more

Illustrious Ancestors | History Today

[ad_1] The Terrific Kurultáj, photographed in 2014. The occasion requires position every year in Bugac, Hungary. Wiki Commons/Derzsi Elekes Andor. The amazing perception that Hungarians are a branch of a broad ‘Turanian’ country has deep roots. From the historical state of ‘Turania’ on the Central Asian steppe, the Turanians supposedly spread as far west as … Read more

Historical Events for 1st July 2022

[ad_1] 1776 – 1st vote on Declaration of Independence for Britain’s North American colonies 1816 – French frigate Medusa wrecked foundation of Géricault’s portray “Raft of the Medusa” 1850 – At the very least 626 ships lie at anchor all over San Francisco Bay 1916 – Initial working day of the Fight of the Somme: … Read more

What Happened on July 1

[ad_1] Would You Imagine? 1st of 4 fatal Jersey Shore shark attacks arise at Beach front Haven when Charles Vansant (25) bled to dying, demanding earlier scientific belief that sharks never ever harm humans, and sparking well known dread about sharks which persists these days On July 1, 1916 [ad_2]

Is Algeria Still Defined by its Liberation Struggle?

[ad_1] Soldiers of the National Liberation Army during the Algerian War of Independence, 1958. Museum of African Art (Belgrade)/Wiki Commons. ‘The war gave increase to an anti-colonial hyper-memory: a person where the fallen are a regular presence’ Martin Evans, Professor of Modern-day European History at the University of Sussex and author of Algeria: France’s Undeclared War (Oxford College … Read more

Today in History for 30th June 2022

[ad_1] Historic Events 1953 – 1st Chevrolet Corvette created 1968 – East German Communist Bash chief Walter Ulbricht receives “Purchase of Oct Revolution” 1974 – Petty thief Peter Leonard sets fire to disguise his theft at a bowling alley, fires spreads up coming door to “Gulliver’s” nightclub killing 24 (Port Chester, New York) 1979 – … Read more

Historical Events on June 30

[ad_1] Was Secret Blast Induced by Aliens? 1908 A huge fireball, most probable brought about by the air burst of a large meteoroid or comet flattens 80 million trees around the Stony Tunguska River in Yeniseysk Governorate, Russia, in the major impact celebration in recorded historical past [ad_2]