Ribbon and Tabs in Excel

Ribbon is on the highest of worksheet, below the title bar or name of the excel file. It contains seven tabs: Home, Insert, Page Layout, Formulas, Data, Review and think about. Each tab has its own specific teams of connected commands. These teams have many extra commands that may be viewed by clicking the arrow … Read more

Quick Excel Functions

There are specific quick functions in Excel that can offer you the statistics of your worksheet without using formulas such as Status Bar quick functions. See the Figure given below, as soon as you select the preferred series you will get the figures in the status bar, the average of numbers, the number of cells … Read more

What is Quick Access Toolbar in Excel?

It is a customizable toolbar placed beside the quick access button and on top of the home tab. once you click the down arrow at the end of quick access toolbar it displays a lot of commands. You’ll be able to add any of those commands to quick access toolbar by a left click on … Read more

Office Button in Excel

The office button is found within the upper-left corner of excel. When the office button is clicked, several of constant choices you’d see within the File menu, like New, Open, Save, Print, etc., is found. Listed below are the usually used choices found within the office button menu and their operate. New: to make a … Read more

Moving across the worksheet in Excel

There are various choices to move across the spreadsheet using mouse and keyboard. You can scroll the worksheet up or down by moving mouse wheel or using vertical scroll bar. In a alike way, you can use horizontal scroll bar to move the worksheet horizontally in the direction of left or right side.  

How to move data in Excel

Select the data you desire to move, right click on it then choose the cut option then select the cell where you want to shift the data. Right click on the particular cell and select paste option. Cell Data will be moved to the desired location.  

Mini Toolbar in Excel

In Microsoft Excel the mini toolbar is a minor version of the full toolbar found near the topmost of the application window. The mini toolbar seems when you right click a cell or additional objects like a shape or chart. It shows frequently used structuring commands like Bold, Italics, Font Size, Alignment, Font Type and … Read more

How to insert symbols and special characters in Excel

Select the cell where you want the symbol. Then click on the Insert tab and choose Symbol command, on the right end of the ribbon. It will show a number of symbols, pick the desired symbol and click on Insert button then close the box. Symbol will be added to the preferred cell. Special characters … Read more

Instruction while typing data in excel

Always type the values and text in distinct cells otherwise the formula will not work. See the example given below image: In case you want to add currency sign to values then use mini toolbar as shown in the image given below. Choose the series of cells then right click. Mini toolbar seems above the … Read more

Features of the Tabs in Excel

There are several tabs present in Microsoft Excel: Home, Insert, Page Layout, Formula, Data, Review and think about. Each and every tab has totally different functions. The features of the Home tab are: The excel Home Tab is used to execute regular instructions like bold, underline, copy, and paste. It’s additionally used to apply formats … Read more