Excel Sumif Function

The SUMIF function is used to sum up the data of some precise cells of a column; the cells which fulfilled certain conditions. The syntax of SUMIF function is: =SUMIF(range,criteria, [sum_range]) So, the SUMIF function has three key parts: Range: It mentions to choice of cells that you need to calculate to choose the cells … Read more

Excel Relative Referencing

Relative referencing tells that you don’t need to type the formula distinctly for every calculation in a column or a row. See the picture: Enter the formula in the first cell F5 and pressing Enter key to get the result, then use the fill handle. The formula will apply automatically in the respective cells and … Read more

Excel Macros

By using Macro we can record a task. It is very beneficial when you have a task that you need to do frequently. It speeds up the process and guarantees correctness. How to open a macro: Open View tab. On the top right end of the Ribbon you will find the macro button. Click on … Read more

ISNA function in Excel

The ISNA() function could be a logical function that returns the value in True / False. It checks whether or not the argument is #N/A error or not. It keeps one parameter that’s a value. Where to use : ISNA() operate is extremely helpful to manage #N/A error value over excel sheets. Syntax : =ISNA(value) … Read more

Excel If Function

The IF function or IF statement in Excel is collected of three parts separated by commas. A condition What to show if the condition is matched What to show if the condition is not matched See how the “IF function” is created step by step to find the safe and unsafe travelling speeds in the … Read more

Excel If Function with Calculations

IF function” can be used in complex calculations. See the example: If a business developer, generate leads more than 3, the company will give incentive 1000 rupees per lead generation and if the business developer generate leads less than 3, then company will give incentive 500 rupees per lead. See in what way the “IF … Read more

Excel Fill Handle

The fill handle is a useful Excel tool that is used to fill data with a particular form. You can spread a sequence of numbers, dates and text groupings to preferred number of cells. To use fill handle bring the mouse pointer at right bottom corner of the cell it will turn out to be … Read more

Fill Handle with Text and Numbers in Excel

Fill handle also works with cells holding both text and number. In this case, the text does not change but the number increases by one for every cell you choose. See the pictures:  

Fill Handle with Dates in Excel

Fill handle in Excel can be used to fill dates in multiple cells. If you want to put a whole month in spreadsheet, you don’t want to type every date individually. Just select a cell, type the date and using fill handle transmit it over next cells, Excel will enter the succeeding dates in the … Read more

Excel Fill Handle in Formulas

In the image given below, we want to Addition & multiply the numbers in column D Addition with 10 and Multiplication by 3, so we can type the formula for addition as =D5+10 and for multiplication =D5*3 cell D5 and other cells of the column D, but this is not possible with long lists. In … Read more