Excel Creating Formulas

In cell D7 put the number 10, now in cell F7 type the formula: =D7+10 then press the Enter key. You will see the result. The formula says 10 are added to the data entered in the cell D7 as the value is 10 the result is 20. See the image: In a similar method … Read more

Excel Advanced If Functions

If you need to do something precise when two or more circumstances are TRUE, you can use the IF function in grouping with the AND function to calculate conditions with a test, then take one action if the result is CORRECT, and (optionally) do something otherwise if the outcome of the test is FALSE. If … Read more

Method to delete data, rows and columns in Excel

  How to Delete data in excel Select the data you wish to delete, right click on that then choose delete choice from the menu. You’ll also delete it by pressing Delete key on the keyboard. See the image: How to Delete a Row Select the row by a left click on the row number … Read more

How to enter data in Excel

You have various choices after you need to put data in excel. You’ll enter data in one cell, in many cells at constant time, or on quite one worksheet at constant time. The data that you just enter is numbers, text dates, or times. You’ll format the data in a very style of ways that. … Read more

How to copy & paste data in Excel

Select the data, right click on it then pick Copy option. Now pick the cell where you want to paste the data then right click on it and choose Paste option. After choosing the data, you can also press Control+C Key to copy and Control+V Key to paste the data. To undo the changes you … Read more

Method to calculate average in Excel

Select the cell to show the result e.g. cell E5 in the image shown below. Now put “=” sign in the cell and type “average” then press key opening parenthesis. Now select the data, cells from B5 to D5 then press the Enter key to get the average of selected data.  

Addition in Excel

There are a range of methods to add up the numbers found in two or more cells in Excel. See the picture below showing the addition of 50, 40 and 60. Select the cell where you want to show the result as cell D7 in this example. Then type = sign in the cell, now … Read more

Absolute Referencing in Excel

Absolute referencing assists multiply numerous values with a specific value. See the picture shown below. The Number 1 values are multiplied by 5, value of cell E5. In this case, we will use sign $ in the formula. So we have to alter the formula for that after putting the formula press F4 key. $ … Read more