Difference between AngularJS and ReactJS

AngularJS Vs ReactJS

Listed below is a comparative study between the AngularJS and the ReactJS.


AngularJS ReactJS
Open-source JavaScript framework. Open-source JavaScript library.
 Used to build a dynamic web application. Used to build a user interface for Single Page Application.
Maintained by Google Maintained by Facebook Community
Developed by Misko Hevery Developed by Jordan Walke
Initial Release: October 2010 Initial Release: March 2013
Latest Version: Angular 1.7.8 on 11 March 2019. Latest Version: React 16.8.6 on 27 March 2019
Language: JavaScript, HTML Language: JSX
Type: Open Source MVC Framework Type: Open Source JS Framework
Rendering: Client-Side Rendering: Server-Side
Packaging: Weak Packaging: Strong
Data-Binding: Bi-directional Data-Binding: Uni-directional
Regular DOM Virtual DOM
Unit and Integration Testing Unit Testing
App Architecture: MVC App Architecture: Flux
Manages dependencies automatically. Requires additional tools to manage dependencies.
Requires a template or controller for its router configuration, which has to be managed manually. Doesn’t handle routing but has a lot of modules for routing.
Slow Performance. Fast Performance.
Best for single-page applications that update a single view at a time. Best for single-page applications that update multiple views at a time.


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