How to install python?

Python doesn’t come prepackaged with Windows, but this doesn’t means that Windows users won’t find the flexible programming language useful. It’s not quite as simple as installing the newest version. So let’s make sure that you get the right tools for the task in hand.


Here we’ll learn how to install python, git, vscode?

An important thing to keep in mind that python version must be greater than 3.6.X..

  • You need to download Git for windows from
  • Download setup of visual studio code from

Install python

  • After download click on setup  check both of the check buttons ,don’t forget to check Add Path 3.7 to path and click on install now
  • If you will not check Add Path check box it will not work properly.
  • Keep moving wizard by clicking next button, then finish.
  • To check python is installed or not open cmd and type python, if you have output as below that mean you have install python successfully.


By installing python you’ll get installed IDLE by default, you my also code there as follow.  

You may also use another IDE pycharm(,Jupiter notebook, but we will use visual studio code and we will integrate git bash with visual studio code


Installing git

Click on the setup and start the installing wizard. Keep clicking on next until following screen comes and select on use Git and optional Unix tools and again keep clicking next and finish. install Visual studio code Click on the set up  and following wizard will popup and click next then agree to license agreement. Keep clicking next until following dialog box appears, and check create a desktop icon and Add to Path option and next after installing click finish

Now, this is how we have completed download and installation of Python, VisualStudio code and git. Now in next chapter we will learn how to setup and integrate git bash with visualstudio code and troubleshooting of installation.

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