jsp:include action tag

jsp:include action tag is used to include the content of another resource at the specific position into current JSP page. Another resource can be servlet, jsp or html file.


<jsp:include page="URL of another resource"/>

Note: In case of jsp:include action tag contents are included during request processing.

Difference between include directive and include action.

               include directive               include action
  1. In case of include directive contents are included at the translation time.
  2. If the content of included file is changed than changes will not reflect.
  3. Not use RequestDispatcher to include the content.
  4. Can’t pass parameters.
  5. Syntax: <
  1. In case of jsp:include contents are included at the runtime.
  2. If the content of included file is changed than changes will reflect.
  3. The jsp:include action include the contents using RequestDispatcher.
  4. Can pass parameters using jsp:param action tag.
  5. Syntax: <jsp:include page=”URL of another resource” />



		<title>include action example</title>
		<h3>Hello this is a include action example.</h3>
		<jsp:include page="home.jsp"/>


		<title>include action example</title>
		<h4>This content is of included file.</h4>




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