JSTL c:forTokens Core Tag

The JSTL <c:forTokens> Core Tag is used for the iteration process. It breaks the string into tokens by using delimiter and then iterate through tokens.


<c:forTokens items="string" delims="delimiter" var="varName">
          //block of statemtnts

c:forTokens tag attributes:

itemsInformation to loop over.No
beginElement to start with (0 = first item, 1 = second item, …).No
endElement to end with (0 = first item, 1 = second item, …).No
stepProcess every step items.No
varName of the variable to expose the current item.No
varStatusName of the variable to expose the loop status.No



<%@ taglib uri="http://java.sun.com/jsp/jstl/core" prefix="c" %>
		<title>c:forTokens JSTL core tag example</title>
	 <h4>Tokens passed in the String "sunil, bharat, richi" are:</h4>
	 <c:forTokens items="sunil, bharat, richi" delims="," var="name">
   		<c:out value="${name}"/><p>




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