MongoDB Data Types

MongoDB Data Types

There are various types of data that are used and are supported in MongoDB. The most common data types of MongoDB are:


An array is a single variable which can store multiple values at a time. An array in MongoDB is used to hold many values under a single key.


A boolean data type consists of only two values: 0 or 1 (i.e, TRUE or FALSE).


In order to specify a particular date time or to store the current date time in unix time format, Date datatype is used in MongoDB.


Double also represents all the decimal and exponential numbers.


All the non-decimal numbers are called as Integers. The size of an integer depends on the server; 32 bit or 64 bit.

Min/Max Keys:

In order to compare a value against the lowest and highest bson elements, Min/Max data type is used in MongoDB.


As the name suggests, NULL type of data is used to represent no value or zero value.


Anything that has state and behavior can be termed as an Object, be it physical or logical. An Object is a data type in MongoDB which is frequently used for embedded documents.


A sequence of characters, internally stored in the form of an array of characters is called as string. The UTF-8 string is used to store data in MongoDB.


Symbol is an unique type of data facilitated by MongoDB which is used for languages that use a specific type.

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