NMDS full form

NMDS:- National Missile Defense System

NMDS stands for National Missile Defense System. It is a term used for a type of missile defense used to shield a country against incoming missiles, such as intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBMs) or other such ballistic missiles. It may include space-based, anti-ballistic missiles, or sea-based, laser, and high altitude missile systems. The program has a limited scope. It is designed to counter a comparatively smaller ICBM attack from a less sophisticated situation. It is not designed to be a robust shield against a large attack from a technically sophisticated adversary, unlike earlier programs. It can be used to tackle only small scenarios. In India, the Indian Ballistic Missile Defence Programme is in action. It is an initiative with the aim to develop and deploy a multi-layered ballistic missile defense system for protection from ballistic missile attacks. Since the late 20th century, India has faced a lot of threat of ballistic missile attacks from its neighboring country, Pakistan. Although, it has fought against Pakistan in multiple wars in the past.

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