NSSO full form

NSSO:- National Sample Survey Organization

NSSO stands for National Sample Survey Organisation. It is an organization which comes under the control of the Ministry of Statistics of the Government of India. It is the largest organization that conducts socio-economic surveys in India and was established in 1950. The people working for NSSO can belong to either the Indian Statistical Service and are appointed through the Union Public Service Commission, or the Subordinate service, who are appointed through staff selection commission. The four main divisions of National Sample Survey Organisation are Survey Design and Research Division (SDRD), Field Operations Division (FOD), Data Processing Division (DPD) and Coordination and Publication Division (CPD). The SDRD is mandated to do the job of planning, formulation and drawing up of surveys, sample design, concepts, and definitions etc. The FDO is responsible for conducting surveys in the fields of socio-economic, industrial statistics etc. The DPD undertakes the processing, tabulation and the dissemination of the collected data while CPD coordinates the activities of all the divisions of NSSO.

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