NSSTC full form

NSSTC:- National Space Science and Technology Centre

NSSTC is National Space Science and Technology Center.  It is a collaborative research and education organization that brings together new ideas and facilities to enable advances in Earth science, space science, material science, biotechnology, propulsion, advanced optics, and information technology. The activities conducted by NSSTC range from fundamental science investigations to early technology development to mission operations and data analysis. It is located in Huntsville, Alabama and is a joint venture between NASA and the seven research universities of the state of Alabama, represented by the Space Science and Technology Alliance. NSSTC aims at fostering collaboration in research between government, academia, and industry. There are seven research centers under NSSTC, they are Space Science, Global Hydrology and Climate, Information Technology, Advanced Optics, Biotechnology, Material, and propulsion. The centers are managed by researchers from either Marshall Space Flight Center, the host NASA facility, or the University of Alabama in Huntsville, the host university.

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