NTC full form

NTC:- National Textile Corporation

NTC refers to national Textile Corporation. It is a company which is fully owned by the Indian Government and it, in turn, owns 23 working textile mills which produce yarn and fabric.  It was established in the year 1968. NTC later emerged as a debt-free company with a highly competitive revival strategy. It had developed a new marketing and corporate strategy that included the revamping of all NTC stores and setting up new stores. It is a central Public Sector Enterprise under the Ministry of Textiles which was incorporated in April 1968 for managing the affairs of textile undertakings, in the private sector, taken over by the Government. The number of mills under the corporation rose gradually from 16 in 1968 to 103 by 1972-1973, later increasing to 119 by 1995. These mills were controlled by NTC with the help of nine subsidiary Corporations with a capital of Rs 100 million which was raised from time to time and is now Rs 50 billion.

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