SAI full form

SAI:- Sports Authority of India

SAI stands for Sports Authority of India. SAI was set up in 1984 by the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports. It is the prime sports body of India, made with the purpose of development of the nation’s sporting talent, with headquarters at Delhi. It has the following facilities-

>2 Academic Institutions

>10 Regional Centers

>14 Centres of Excellence

>56 Training Centres

>20 Special Area

>6 stadiums

It has largely been successful in its attempts and originated with the committee formed in order to conduct the 1982 Asian Games, in New Delhi. In addition, it also allows people to take up sports as a career, offering graduate and postgraduate programs in the same, along with advances in the field of sports sciences and medicine, and schemes for children at various levels. They also actively try to obtain foreign coaching for various national teams for a variety of sports. It also provides support to the National Sports Foundation as and when required.

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