SAIL full form

SAIL:- Steel Authority of India Limited

SAIL stands for Steel Authority of India Limited. It is an Indian steel making company established in 1973, in New Delhi, India, under the direct control of the Government of India, with a yearly profit of 44,452 Crore Indian Rupees(2016-2017).

It makes around 14.4 million metric tonnes of steel per year, and has risen to the position of the largest producer of steel in India, and boasts a high position on the global leaderboard of steel production. It is currently headed by Mr. Anil Kumar Chaudhary.

It boasts a total of 9 plants and is currently undertaking a huge expansion and modernization, in order to climb the ladder at a global level, with a high level of importance being placed on new facilities and green technology. In addition, it supports Research and development and recent technologies in the field with high emphasis on safety and management, with dedicated teams and programmes for the same.

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