SCOPE full form

SCOPE:- Standing Conference of Public Enterprises

SCOPE stands for the Standing Conference of Public Enterprises, a public enterprise owned by the central government. It was originally set up on 29th September 1970 under the name “New Horizon”. At that time its goal was to enable a better understanding of the contribution of the public sector in the eyes of the general public. After it’s successfully functioning and expansion it late took the name of SCOPE. Today, it is the sole organization that represents all of the PSEs (Public Sector Undertakings) in India. Some Nationalised banks, Centrally owned Public Sector Enterprises and some of the State government Enterprises are the part of this body. Its goal is to make sure that the Public Sector Undertakings in India work with effectiveness and efficiency. SCOPE aims to make sure that all the PSUs that are a part of it Excel in the market-driven environment by being competitive at an international level.

It also a part of the Council of Indian Employers and the International Organization of Employers. It also aims to encourage its undertakings to explore new aspects of the global market.

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