Selection and Selection Process



In HRM, the selection refers to selecting the most suitable candidates from the pool of interested and eligible candidates for the vacant job positions in the organization.


Selection Process

Selection Process has different stages of interview a candidate has to go through after applying for the job and before being hired by the organization.

The stages of selection process may vary depending on the organization, their way of evaluating candidates and the nature of job. Following are the basic stages of a standard selection process:

Preliminary Interview:

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Preliminary interview is nothing more than a short interaction with the candidate to acquire basic information about the candidate. The main focus is on checking if he has the aptitude and skills for the job or not. Then depending on the acquired information, a candidate is promoted to the next phase or rejected.

Written or Online Test:


At this stage, tests are conducted in order to evaluate the candidates. Depending on the nature of job and selection format, tests like aptitude test, personality test or technical test are conducted. This helps the organization evaluate a candidate’s knowledge, intelligence, psychology, awareness, skills etc. It ultimately helps the company to decide whether or not the candidate is suitable for the job.

Final Interview:


Final interview is an important stage in the selection process as the interviewer can analyze the candidate depending on his academics, expressions, behavior, confidence level, sincerity, achievements, goals, strengths, weaknesses etc. This interview can either be a one to one interview or a panel interview. Some organizations believe in taking it to the next level by going for a behavioral interview or a stress interview depending on the nature of the job. The caliber of a candidate is measured against the specific job requirements. This interview is a two way communication as it also allows the candidate to ask any queries or questions about the job and company. The final verdict of rejection or selection largely depends on this interview.

Reference Check:


Reference check is a process in which the organization contacts any two or more of the candidate’s contact either past employer or acquaintances (details provided by the candidate through form filling). Later these references are contacted through formal letters or telephonic conversations in order to verify the information provided by the candidate at the time of interview.



This is the last stage of selection process in which selection decision is finalized depending on the performance of the candidate throughout the selection process. The candidate will be issued an offer letter if the candidate has performed well. The offer letter includes all the relevant information like his designation, salary structure, policies and term of employment.

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