SROSS full form

SROSS:- Stretched Rohini Satellite Series

SROSS, i.e The Stretched Rohini Satellite Series, as the very name suggests are the less popular sequels to the Rohini Series of Satellites. 4 SROSS Satellites were built and launched by the Indian Space Research Organisation, or the ISRO as the payloads through the developmental flights of the Augmented Satellite Launch Vehicles (ASLV). They were commissioned to conduct experiments regarding astrophysics, Earth Remote Sensing and Upper Atmosphere Monitoring. Of the four, three were lost in outer space, and only one retired successfully. The SROSS Satellites, having an estimated lifespan of 2 years, weigh around 106-150 kgs. They use Ni-Cd batteries and has an average power of about  100 watts. They orbited the lower earth and carried specialized types of equipment such as the Gamma Ray Burst Retarding Potential Analyser. The first two SROSS Satellites, SROSS A and SROSS B failed to make it into the orbit due to launch vehicle failure, while the third, SROSS C made it orbit, albeit one that was much lower than expected. SROSS C2, the final one in the series also made it into the orbit and carried out improved versions of the very same Gamma Ray Burst experiments carried out by its predecessor SROSS C.

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