SSD full form

SSD:- Satellite System Division

SSD, which stands for Satellite Services Division comes under The Office of Satellite Data Processing and Distribution or OSDPD, which in turn comes under the purview of National Environmental Satellite Data and Information Service i.e, the NESDIS. One of the major functions of the Satellite Services Division is analyzing the particles of unknown constitution obtained from outer space by both the Polar Orbiting Satellites and the Geostationary Satellites. The data it analyses is then made available to the public, which in turn uses it in a wide range of applications, both environmental and otherwise. It also provides real-time data distribution, thus improving the accuracy and efficiency of applications for which, it is used. At present, The Satellite Services Division consists of two main branches, The Satellite Analysis Branch, and the Product Implementation Branch. The Satellite Analysis Branch or SAB is primarily concerned with real-time imagery products, within the NESDIS. In addition, it is also responsible for using the Dvorak technique in determining the tropical cyclone intensities. The Product Implementation Branch or PIB on the hand is concerned with ensuring that the obtained data is properly implemented or put to use.

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