CouchDB Fauxton

A web-based built-in administration interface to facilitate a simple graphical interface to interact with CouchDB is what a CouchDB Fauxton can be understood as. Along with being very simple to use, it also facilitates full access to all CouchDB features.


Uses of CouchDB Fauxton:

  • To create databases.
  • To delete databases.
  • To create documents.
  • To update documents.
  • To edit documents.
  • To delete documents.


To start CouchDB Fauxton:

  • Install and run CouchDB.
  • Open the following link in the browser:
  • The Fauxton homepage will be displayed.
  • Tabs like Databases, Setup, Active Tasks, Configuration, Replication etc. are present on the left side.
  • The details of each tab can be checked by clicking on them.


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