Difference between CouchDB and MongoDB

CouchDB vs MongoDB:

A comparative study between CouchDB and MongoDB is presented below:


CouchDB MongoDB
Written in Erlang. Written in C++.
Document-oriented model. Document-oriented model.
Safer. Less Safer.
Eventually consistent. Strongly consistent.
Data is presented in JSON format. Data is presented in BSON format.
Uses HTTP/REST based interface which is intuitive and well designed. Uses binary protocol and custom protocol over TCP/IP.
Database contains documents. Collection contains documents, and collections are stored in database.
Follows Map/Reduce query method. Follows Map/Reduce creating collection plus object-based query language.
Supports master-master replication with custom conflict resolution functions. Supports master-slave replication.
Follows MVCC or Multi Version Concurrency Control. Concurrency: Update in-place.
Favors availability. Favors consistency.


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