Hashing in DBMS


In a large structure of database, it is exceptionally wasteful to look at all the file numbers and reach out to the specified information. Hashing procedure is utilized to count the coordinate area of an information present on the disk by not using record structure.

In the strategy, information is put away at the information pieces whose place is in production by utilizing the hashing work. The memory area where the records are there apart, it is called information bucket or information cubes.

A hash work can select any of the section esteem to produce the address. Mostly, the hash work employs the essential key to provide the place of data block. A hash work may be a crucial numerical work to any intricate scientific work. We will indeed consider the essential key as the place of the information piece. Meaning each push whose address can be the similar to a crucial key put away within the information block.

The over graph appears information square addresses like essential critical esteem. This hash work can moreover be a straightforward numerical work like mod, exponential, sin, cos etc. Assume we have a mod (5) has work to decide the place of the information piece. Here, it applies for hash of mod (5) work on the essential keys and produces three, three, one, four and two individuals, and informations are put away in those information piece addresses.

Different Kinds of Hashing

There are two different types of Hashing –

  • The Static Hashing
  • The Dynamic Hashing
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