How to create synchronized set?

The java.util.Collections class consists exclusively of static methods that operate on or return collections. It contains polymorphic algorithms that operate on collections, “wrappers”, which return a new collection backed by a specified collection, and a few other odds and ends.

Collections.synchronizedSet() method will returns a synchronized (thread-safe) set backed by the specified set. In order to guarantee serial access, it is critical that all access to the backing set is accomplished through the returned set.
Syntax :public static Set synchronizedSet(Set s)


package com.w3spoint;
import java.util.Collections;
import java.util.HashSet;
import java.util.Set;
public class Test {     
    public static void main(String a[]){         
        Set<String> set = new HashSet<String>();
        Set<String> synSet = Collections.synchronizedSet(set);
        System.out.println("Synchronized set got created");


Synchronized set got created

Java Collections class examples

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