Install SQLite

SQLite Installation

To install SQLite on Windows:

Method 1:

To create, attach and detach database permanently.

Step 1: Download precompiled binaries for Windows from the official SQLite website link.

Step 2: Download the sqlite-dll and sqlite-shell zip file.

Or Download the file.

Step 3: Create a folder in C directory and name it as “sqlite”.

Step 4: Expand these files.

Step 5: Open the “Command Prompt”.

Step 6: Set your PATH environment variable.

Step 7: Open sqlite3 command.


Method 2: Temporary data storage.

Step 1: Download the SQLite precompiled Binary zip file.

Step 2: Expand the zipped file.

Step 3: Run the selected sqlite3 application.

The SQLite query can be executed here.


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