Features of Cassandra

Cassandra Features:

The popularity of Cassandra is because of its unique features. These are:

Highly Scalable:

Cassandra is highly scalable. High scalability allows the addition of additional hardware on requirement to attach additional customers and additional data.

Rigid Architecture:

Cassandra has a rigid architecture. Without a single point of failure Cassandra facilitates continuous availability for business-critical applications. These types of applications in general cannot afford even a single point of failure.

Fast Performance:

Cassandra facilitates a fast and linear scalable performance. The quick response time of Cassandra is because of its linear scalability which again adds to its fast performances. Cassandra facilitates an increase in the number of nodes in the cluster which thus advances the throughput.


Cassandra is fault-tolerant. With four nodes in a cluster, Cassandra becomes fault-tolerant as each node has a copy of the same data. If any of the four nodes is not working then the purpose can still be served by the other three nodes on request.

Flexibility in Data Storage:

Cassandra provides a flexibility in data storage. Whether it is structured, semi-structured, or unstructured, Cassandra supports all possible data formats and also allows to make changes to any data structure.

Easy Data Distribution:

Cassandra facilitates an easy way for data distribution. Also because of the flexibility in distributing data wherever needed, Data distribution in Cassandra becomes easy. The replication of data across multiple data centres is used to serve this purpose.

Transaction Support:

Cassandra facilitates transaction support. Cassandra supports the ACID properties i.e, Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation, and Durability.

Fast writes:

Cassandra is popular for its fast writes features. Along with the blazingly fast writes, Cassandra can also store hundreds of terabytes of data. But the read efficiency is not sacrificed and thus is the best choice to run on cheap commodity hardware.


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