Computer Components

A computer has 5 main components. They are given below:

  • Input devices
  • CPU
  • Output devices
  • Primary memory
  • Secondary memory

The brief explanation about computer components is provided below:

  • Inputting: It is the process of entering information, instructions and raw data into the computer. Input devices help to complete this process.
  • Storing: Primary memory and secondary storage are present in a computer to store data and instructions. It stores the data that has been processed before displaying it as output and also stores the data before sending it to the CPU for processing.
  • Processing: The process of converting the raw data into useful information is called processing. The Central Processing Unit (CPU) of the computer performs this task. The CPU extracts the raw data from storage and completes the process of processing it before sending it to storage.
  • Outputting: When the processed data is presented through output devices like printer, speaker and monitor, it is called outputting.
  • Controlling: The control unit that is a part of the CPU performs the operation of Controlling. It is the duty of the control unit to ensure that the execution of all the operations is being done in a right manner and sequence.


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