It is a global network connecting millions and billions of computers throughout the world. Billions of users worldwide are connected by it through the standard internet protocol suite (TCP/IP). Internet is set up by using wireless, networking and electronic technologies. It is the fastest medium to send and exchange data and information among the computers throughout the world.

According to beliefs, Defense Advanced Projects Agency (DARPA), department of United States, developed the internet. In 1969, it was connected for the first time.


Popular services provided by internet are:

World Wide Web: It contains a collection of documents and web pages that can be viewed with the help of a browser.

Email: It allows the users to communicate with each other by sending and receiving messages online.

Social Media: It includes applications and websites that allow the users to share videos, pictures, audio comments, etc.

Online games: With an internet connection, anyone can play games online.

Software updates: The internet allows users to download the latest version of applications, operating systems, games, etc.

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