Hardware is a collective term used for all the tangible, physical parts and components of a computer and the devices connected to it. Popular hardware devices are motherboard, CPU, mouse, monitor and keyboard.


It is one of the most important components of a computer. It is a thin circuit board that looks small in size but contains almost all the crucial parts of a computer other than output and input devices. All the important hardware like memory, CPU, ports for input and output devices and hard drive find a place on the motherboard. It distributes power among all the hardware located on it and also enables them to communicate with one another.


It is the part that displays what operations are being carried out in the computer. Hence, monitor is the display unit of a computer. As the basic output device, it renders the processed data as images, text, video or audio.


Being the basic input device, a keyboard helps input data into the computer. Different sets of keys are present on the keyboard to enter symbols, numbers and characters.


An input device, used to select or point to objects on the computer’s display screen.


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