CPP static

There are a list of words already defined in CPP library, same as in C. These reserved words are called as CPP Keywords. Every keyword is defined to serve a specific purpose. CPP static is one such keyword, which is used as a storage class to represent the scope of a variable within the program. CPP static has a local scope with a default value of 0. It is stored in RAM with a lifetime till the main program is completely executed. The static variable retains value between multiple functions call. The static keyword is memory efficient with a reason that it is not necessary to create instance for accessing the static members.


#include <iostream.h>
using namespace std;
class Student
string Name;  
float ID;
static string Section;   
Student(string Name, float ID) 	 
this-> Name = Name;    
this-> ID = ID;   
void details()
cout << "Section : " << Section << endl;
cout << "Student Name : " << Name << endl;
cout << "Student ID: " << ID << "\n\n";
string Student::Section= "6A";  
int main()
Student s1 = Student("Khush", 1);    
Student s2 = Student("Raam", 2);  
return 0;


Section : 6A    
Student Name : Khush      
Student ID: 1               
Section : 6A        
Student Name : Raam      
Student ID: 2
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