How to Edit Picture and Clip Art

  • First, Select the Picture or Clip Art that you want to edit
  • The Format tab will now appear in the Ribbon next to View tab
  • It displays the four further groups of commands; Adjust, Picture Styles, Arrange and Size group

See the image:

The Adjust group on the other hand displays six commands.

See the image:

  • Brightness: To increase and/or decrease the picture brightness
  • Picture Contrast: To increase and/or decrease the picture contrast
  • Recolor: To recolor the given picture to give it a special effect
  • Compress Picture: To compress the given picture to reduce its size
  • Change Picture: To change the entire picture
  • Reset Picture: To discard all the previously done changes made to the picture

The Picture Styles group shows the picture styles and three commands.

See the image:

  • Picture Styles: To apply a particular picture style to the picture or a clip art
  • Picture Layout: To change the shape of the given picture or the clip art
  • Picture Border: To give new and different colors to the picture border
  • Picture Effects: To apply more visual effect to the picture

The Arrange group has mainly six commands:

See the image:


  • Bring to Front: To bring the given picture in front of all the other objects
  • Send to Back: To send the given picture behind all the other objects
  • Selection Pane: It displays the selection pane with various different options to format and change order of pictures
  • Align: To align the multiple pictures present on the slide. You can even distribute them very evenly across the slide.
  • Group: To group several different objects together
  • Rotate: To rotate the text or other such objects

The Size group has generally three commands.

See the image:

  • Crop: To remove the unwanted parts/areas of the picture
  • Height: To change the height of the given picture
  • Width: To change the width of the given picture


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