Java int to roman

import java.util.TreeMap;

class IntToRoman {

	public final static String toRoman(int number, 
			TreeMap romanIdentifiers) {
		int l = romanIdentifiers.floorKey(number);
		if (number == l) {
			return romanIdentifiers.get(number);
		return romanIdentifiers.get(l) + toRoman(number - l, romanIdentifiers);

	public static void main(String[] args) {
		final TreeMap 
		               romanIdentifiers = new TreeMap();

		romanIdentifiers.put(1000, "M");
		romanIdentifiers.put(900, "CM");
		romanIdentifiers.put(500, "D");
		romanIdentifiers.put(400, "CD");
		romanIdentifiers.put(100, "C");
		romanIdentifiers.put(90, "XC");
		romanIdentifiers.put(50, "L");
		romanIdentifiers.put(40, "XL");
		romanIdentifiers.put(10, "X");
		romanIdentifiers.put(9, "IX");
		romanIdentifiers.put(5, "V");
		romanIdentifiers.put(4, "IV");
		romanIdentifiers.put(1, "I");

		int num = 1234;
		System.out.println("Int Representation of Number: " + num);
		System.out.println("Roman Representation of Number: " 
		                               + toRoman(num, romanIdentifiers));



Int Representation of Number: 1234
Roman Representation of Number: MCCXXXIV
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